Round Up of the First Year

Round Up of the First Year

“College is fun as long as you don’t die.” Tsugumi Ohba, Death Note, Vol. 4: Love

It’s safe to say, I survived the first year at fashion school. It definitely wasn’t the easiest ride, but one that has given me the slightest glimpse of what it’s like to be part of the fashion world. Along with putting my first step into the fashion industry, moving to Singapore was entirely a new chapter in my life.

I came into fashion school with minimal knowledge about majoring in fashion design. Although I have been a fashion enthusiast, I wasn’t too sure of what “studying” fashion would be like. The first semester was possibly the hardest semester in terms of fitting in and adjusting to a new field of study, the environment and the lifestyle in Singapore. Like everyone, I went through several ups and downs which are still ongoing. Throughout my first and second semester I was in a constant battle with myself about if I really wanted to pursue fashion designing. I was in this dilemma because of how stressful and overwhelming all the work was getting. The ongoing thoughts of fashion designing is not meant for me, or I can’t do this was hindering my abilities. However, over the next few months my family and friends helped me get over this thought of dropping fashion designing and switching to another major (which I am very, very glad I didn’t do). This was primarily because I can’t imagine myself pursing a career in any other field but fashion, and if I were to compromise with something else, that satisfaction would only be temporary and not permanent.

Fashion school can be quite overwhelming. So many projects in theory and practical classes (mainly practical classes), where meeting deadlines can be quite a task. Over the first year, my practical class were three levels of fashion draping, pattern drafting and sewing techniques. Only after passing these three stages of practical classes, we get to end our first year by taking the Couture Techniques module. This was where we made an evening wear gown, which concentrated on learning ruching techniques and a bustier with fully hand-sewn embellishment work. Practical classes are very demanding, hence to balance that out, we have one or two theory classes which give us a breather every semester. Some of the theory classes I’ve taken are Fibers and Textile, Color Theory, History of Costume, Fashion Sketching and Developing Fashion. Theory classes are a lot more easier, I feel. It’s the only time where it’s acceptable (not really, but you can get away with it) for us to be on our phones or doodle around as the lecturer goes on with the class (trust me, we don’t get much of that in practical classes; we’re always on the go!).

The first year has been a definite roller coaster ride. A year ago, I would have never thought I would be able to sew, make pattern pieces nor drape womenswear or menswear. I’ve learnt how to produce skirts, tailored pants, jackets, gowns, coats, shorts, and blouses. As frustrating fashion designing can be, I’ve learnt to suck it up and make the most of what I am being taught because someday it’ll all be worth it!

With that, cheers to more full days spent in college and to new adventures in Singapore!

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