The Romantic Affair

The Romantic Affair

Here’s a debut of my first ever collection designed, thought of and created. We started from scratch, where the only given instructions were to chose an artistic movement that would compliment the three fabric samples that were provided. We had to work around the three fabric samples, a thin, sheer floral print fabric (two color variations) and a plain medium-weight fabric. I decided to choose Romanticism as my overall theme for this collection. From there, I researched in depth about the artistic movement and looked at designers who also showcased their work on the runway based on this theme.

About My Collection: The theme of this collection is inspired from the Romanticism movement from the eighteenth and nineteenth century. Romanticism is known as the largest artistic movement of the late 1700s where artists like William Blake, Theodore Chasseriau and John Constable presented art through various different forms. The romanticism movement was based on the ability to produce original work through the process of the “creation from nothingness,” where the movement emphasized on individuality, irrationality, imaginations, emotions and visionary. Hence, this causal wear collection presents three effortless yet chic looks for women to wear. The collection comprises of a draped halter neck dress (Look 1), draped round halter neck style blouse with wrapped skirt (Look 2) and fitted high-waisted ankle length pants with draped/pleated sleeves (Look 3). The collection tries to embody the softness yet strong beliefs of romanticism through the soft drapes as well as fitted garments.

Click the link below to see the mood board, storyboard, illustrations and technical drawings of the three looks that were designed.

Casual Wear Collection

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