Last Thursday, on April 20th, the newly opened Ginza Six shopping mall was inaugurated in Tokyo’s most prestigious shopping districts, Ginza. The media hype of this shopping mall has been extensive and highly anticipated – so I took the opportunity to go visit the shopping complex over the weekend and also squeeze in some OOTD shots on the main street!


As I got off the train at Ginza station, the seething mass of people was already overwhelming and there I was trying to make my way to the ticketing machine to tap my PASMO and head out out of the subway a.s.a.p!  I don’t remember seeing Ginza this crowded ever before.


We finally made our way out of the subway basement and to the ground floor. It was pure mayhem. We plodded alongside the crowd to get to Ginza Six. We thronged around the entrance of the mall to get in.


Ginza Six, so named because it is on the Ginza 6-Chome intersection has a lot to offer. With 17 floors and over 240 stores, there is something for everybody, whether fashion, beauty, food or delicatessen. This agglomeration is also very conveniently spread across each floor. Having seen pictures of the amazing rooftop garden floating around online, I had all plans of heading up, only to know that there was a 45 minutes queue to take the elevator (the only way the rooftop is accessible), so I had to haplessly pass. Maybe once the hype simmers down, I’d check it out.


Having Ginza Six opened, it has definitely become the new home for international fashion brands in Tokyo – and why not this massive shopping complex is hard to miss!

After strolling around the mall for over an hour and a half, we headed out back on the main street which is pedestrianized on the weekends, and took some quick OOTD shots. Also if you couldn’t tell already, I’m a little TOO obsessed with embroidery right now, and this top that I’m wearing has easily become my current favorite!


Jeans: Uniqlo | Top & Sneakers: Zara | Choker: Forever 21 |Bag: Rebecca Minkoff

Do pop in on Ginza Six when you can, it won’t seize to disappoint!

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