As the beaming pearly rays of the sun shined on my eyelids, I woke up to a fine spring morning.


It’s safe to say, spring has officially embraced Tokyo! For the first time in months, it was finally acceptable to leave the house without being bundled up in a coat or a jacket.

Spring is such a beautiful sight and one of my favorite transitional seasons after fall. As trees put forth new leaves, nature looks so charming with the array of beautiful flowers that bloom during this season.


With today being a Sunday and being blessed with such a great climate, my mom and I decided to go cycling to Tokyo SkyTree. The cycling route is no longer than 3km (one way) but it’s such a pretty and peaceful one.

Having lived in Japan for nearly all my life, cycling is my favorite mode of transportation – I love how easy it is to cycle around the city (undoubtedly the best way to discover new places around).


As we biked our way to Tokyo SkyTree, we stopped midway at the Azuma Bridge – an iconic bridge from the Edo period. And of course captured a quick #OOTD.



Today, I kept it very simple – I wore a white pair of culottes, which are hand-me-downs from my mum! I paired my white culottes with a red blouse with lacey sleeve details, a gold accent backpack and Roger Vivier flats.


Super laid back and comfy, just the way I like my Sundays!

Hope you had a great Sunday and ready to conquer another week!

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