It’s Vegas Baby!

It’s Vegas Baby!


They say third time is the charm and to me it truly was! This time around I was finally legal in Vegas after two underage family trips to the urban desert.


The trip to Vegas also marked my first road trip in America and I kid you not, the drive from Los Angeles to Las Vegas was b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l. It took us nearly 5 and a half hours (with no halts) to reach Vegas but I wasn’t too bothered as I was engrossed in recording time-lapses (watch¬†here and here) and photographing the serene landscape.

As we reached Vegas later that evening, we checked in at ARIA Hotel and Casino, which I’ve read so much about online and finally got to see in person! After quickly unpacking and settling in to the room, we went down for a stroll around the Strip.


As our trip was mainly for work, we did however manage to go around the city (mainly the Strip) and have some fun amidst it all.


Here’s a recap of places visited and experienced in Vegas!

1. Sunrise/Sunset: If you have read some of my previous blog posts, you may by now know how much I love sunrises and sunsets, and Vegas was no exception. Everyday started with a beautiful glimpse of the sunrise over the Strip and the same at night. I was in complete awe seeing the power of nature doing its magic (Fyi, #nofilter)

2. Vegas Buffets: Vegas is not only famous for its gambling but equally popular for its buffet. Vegas apparently has some of the best buffet spreads across America. We tried out three different buffets – Le Village Buffet (Paris Las Vegas), The Buffet at Aria and the Wicked Spoon (The Cosmopolitan). I can easily say my most favorite one out the three had to be the last one, Wicked Spoon at the Cosmo. With the best appetizers, large cuisine variety and desserts – I left feeling I was in food coma after all that I consumed in one sitting!

3. First gambling experience: With many firsts on this trip, gambling too was a first. Although I’m not a fan of any sort of gambling I tried my luck at the casino at Aria – having made doubled that I put in initially, I lost it all by the time I left – so guess there wasn’t much of a beginners luck there.

4. Taco Bell: You must be thinking, I went all the way to Vegas just to have Taco Bell…? Well this was quite coincidental. With the loud music and flashy lights, its hard to miss this one on the Strip. This was definitely coolest Taco Bell I’ve been to till date! Located on Harmon Corner, in the heart of the Vegas Strip. This isn’t your regular Mexican fast-food chain – in true Vegas style, it is an overly fancy Taco Bell with a DJ booth, patio seating and two stories high building that is blasting loud music!

5. Bar hopping: Best part of being jetlagged in Vegas is that this city NEVER sleeps so there’s always something to do amidst the madness. Bar hopping was our coping methodism on nights we were wide awake. The Fontana Bar at Bellagio, The Pub at Monte Carlo, Margaritaville in Flamingo, Pour 24 at New York New York and the Chandelier at the Cosmopolitan are some of which we explored.

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6. Trip down memory lane: My two earlier trips to Vegas had been when I was 5 and 13 years old? We stayed at the Circus Circus hotel (which is located a few blocks down the Strip) and the Venetian. Although I don’t remember much from the two trips, I vividly recall the time spent at the hotels. So this time around it was interesting to see both the hotels nearly after 10 years later!

7. Margarita to-go: The very first day we got to Vegas and walked along the Strip, I loved seeing people carrying those funky shaped glasses with frozen drinks inside. Carrying around a liter full of margarita and wandering out freely was bliss, okay it was more touristy than bliss, but you get the point. I’ve low key brought back the souvenir glasses to remember this moment, don’t judge!

8. Vegas #OOTDs: The weather in Vegas was HOT, very hot on most days. One of the days the temperature was over 40 degrees however it was decently bearable. Why you ask? Because Vegas being a desert is extremely dry, thus instantly affecting your skin. I started to feel like a sandpaper towards the last few days and found myself moisturizing myself very frequently throughout the day. Anyway as majority of the day time was spent at convention centers with blasting air-conditioning, my outfit choices were hence leaning towards layering and comfort.


Thanks for sticking till the end. Here’s a hilarious Japanese sign (sekushi = sexy) I saw and had to conclude the post on this note!


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