Hong Kong Street Art

Hong Kong Street Art

If you’re like me and enjoy art, specifically intriguing street art, then Sheung Wan area is the place to be in Hong Kong. You’ll be surprised what a stroll down Hollywood Road can beckon.

With this being my third trip to Hong Kong this year, Hollywood Road has concurrently become a regular affair. Straying away from the MTR, I am inclined on walking my way to Central while gazing at the vibrant street art and bold murals in its public spaces.


On my first visit, I was swayed away primarily because of the visual aesthetics and paid little to no attention behind the story and meaning behind the illustrations. Over the next two trips, after walking past them time and time again, I’d take note of the artists and read about them to understand the narrative behind what it takes to help shape Hong Kong and its identity as a city.

The murals in the alleyways that lead off to Hollywood Road are designed by a mix of local and western artists – many of which have been there for years! Hong Kong being one of the world’s largest financial hubs, it is compelling to see the city’s take towards street art as a vital method used for communication.

Here are some of my favorite street murals that are hard to miss on Hollywood Road.


Artist: Alex Croft
Where: Junction of Hollywood Road & Graham Street
About: Illustrates the skyline of the demolished Kowloon Walled City in 1994.


Artist: Rob Sketcherman
Where: Hotel Madera, Hollywood Road
About: Represents famous entertainers that shaped Hollywood’s golden age and the street which it is located on.


Artist: French street artist
Where: Corner of Elgin Street
About: Reflects the mixture of three different cuisine cultures that are located on the corner of Elgin Street; French, Korean and Cantonese.


Artist: Shepard Fairey
Where: Shin Hing Street, top of the stairway leading to Hollywood Road
About: Depicts Fairey’s iconic color aesthetics; red, white and black which is a representation for peace. Fairey is also the artist behind Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign!


Artist: Hopare
Where: Hollywood Road
About: A freestyle production composed of abstract shapes and fluid lines, creating an intense dynamic to the viewer.


Artist: Elsa Jean de Dieu
Where: Uma Nota – 38 Peel Street
About: A bespoke feature wall that portrays the restaurant, Uma Nota’s Brazilian bohemian vibes.


Artist: MIST
Where: 22 Hollywood Road
About: Abstract composition of fiction characters and figurations.

The more I have been acquainted with these striking murals, the more I realize how simply they have been integrated to be part of the city. This is one of my favorite parts of visiting Hong Kong and by no means does this creativity and whimsical street art end on Hollywood Road – it’s scattered all through the concrete jungle, you just have to keep looking!

My hunt for buzzing street art continues on my next trip!

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