Amidst of being a passionate and proud city girl, the hustle bustle can be quite exhausting, especially at the magnitude of Japan’s capital.

A few months back I blogged about the newly opened GINZA SIX (read here) and how I never managed to get to the rooftop garden. Well, this time around while I was in Ginza, I escaped the fashion street madness and headed up to the rooftop.


A concrete jungle like Tokyo with people and places so densely packed can be easily irking. Typically detesting this during the summer when the city’s heat and humidity is enough to handle already.


Vamoosing from the streets to the thirteenth floor of GINZA SIX a picturesque view of Ginza’s cityscape awaits. The feeling of being in the heart of the city but still getting a sense of personal space and nature is pleasing with an endless sea of colors and lights.


While the connotation of a concrete jungle often has mixed interpretations, the constant flora and fauna reminder with the often negligible encounters is powering.


The whole point of this post was to shine some light on how exceedingly important it is to detach yourself time to time from a metropolis madness – even if its just for sixty odd minutes.

This has helped me to admire Tokyo’s true proportions and appreciate the hubbub life we live.


Twirling around in:
Dress: a local boutique
Flats: H&M
Bag: Longchamp

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