Fashion DOs in Hong Kong

Fashion DOs in Hong Kong

Having returned from a 12 day trip to Hong Kong, out of which I experienced two typhoons in a week (one of them that happened to be T10!) and one more almost while I was boarding my flight, the idea of curating a fashion dos list occurred to me.


Hong Kong is an extremely enthralling city; supremely cosmopolitan and a business hub. Not only for the financial industry but also for fashion, such that it can be considered a fashion capital in Asia in parallel to Tokyo.

While waiting for the traffic light to turn green on Queens Road Central, I take a moment to notice the contrasting sense of style and fashion expression everyone so very differently embodies – this strikes me every time as coming from Tokyo where people often like to be associated to a coterie.


However, just like Tokyo, Hong Kong has four distinct seasons despite its sub-tropical climate. Over the last few trips, I’ve pinned down some of my essential tips and tricks that help me with packing for no matter what season it is!

1. Sole comfort

Thanks to the limiting flatland in Hong Kong, you’ll find yourself navigating vertically. And this is where supportive flats come in play. Not the biggest fan of sneakers, I always opt for comfy ballerinas, mules, espadrilles or chunky heeled booties. Stilettos are a no-go for a day out in this urban jungle.

You’ll largely find me perambulating around “downtown” more commonly known as the Hong Kong island side the most where its inevitable to escape the narrow, uneven and slopey sidewalks! Good shoes are 🔑


2. Layer in layers

I find myself fussing over how cold it is inside compared to the unbearable heat outside. Irrespective of the climate, indoor spaces are heavily air conditioned leaving you with goosebumps and shivers if you’re not smartly layered! I’m one who despises layering but when you’re in this city, its 🔑


3. Bag in Control

If you’re like me who loves to carry a bag full of anything and everything around town, then this city will make sure you learn how to down-size. Messenger bags, satchels or cross-body bags are my ideal choices just because you want to keep things simple. Remember, the 🔑 is little is more in Hong Kong.


4. Rain Ready

Not a single trip has where it hasn’t rained, and this time with two typhoons there was plenty of rain and plenty more of humidity. A greater mid part of the year between March to September is warm, wet and humid. Water-resistant shoes are a must, and I swear by these Melissa D’Orsay jelly flats! Always take rain into consideration – do not underestimate it like I did and nearly ruined a white linen dress! Being rain ready is 🔑


The luxe freedom everyone has is what makes this city so conglomerative every time I’m gushing through the crowd on Queens Road. Pack smart and hopefully these four tips help you the next time you’re cramming your suitcase (just like me)! They are major🔑, just like how DJ Khaled says, hehe.

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