5 Pieces To Transition From Summer to Fall

5 Pieces To Transition From Summer to Fall

So we’re half way through September and there’s still no sight of fall, in fact the weather in Tokyo still like’s to believe we’re in that fun summer zone – ha, not cool.


Despite having those rare days where the temperature drops to 22 degrees, it’s still not quite the right time to bust out that full fall wardrobe.

Having lived in Singapore where it’s literally summer all year round, I’ve accumulated WAY more (than I should have) summery pieces that I’m kind of like stuck with…So either I store them away and hope that those Instagram trends come back next year, or save myself the storage hassle and transition them to fall!

And what did I do? I chose the latter, naturally.


So without having to pack away your summer pieces just yet, here are 5 things I’ll be transitioning into fall season!

1. Cover-Ups


Safe to say I’ve been obsessed with cover-ups all through summer this season. It really elevates any look with the littlest effort. Incorporating warmer, neutral tones is a great way to shift your color palette to resonate fall. It also helps to combat those “wear a sweater in the morning, regret it in the afternoon” type bipolar days.

2. Bracelet Bag


Designers are constantly transforming fashion notions to create the new “it” thing and this time it has to be the bangle bag – a unique amalgam of a metal bracelet/bangle on a handbag. What started off from Chloé ‘s Nile bag was quickly adapted by various other brands. This one’s a great bag to bring to fall as you can forgo bejeweling in the colder days to come.

3. Layering Necklaces


What started off with bracelets and bangles, remember #armparty? #armcandy? Well do the same thing however to the neck now. It’s a great time to put those small dainty necklaces you must’ve bought years back with cute pendants to use – start layering your necklaces for an “effortless” look – Just kidding, its take quite a bit of effort to wear all those necklaces!

4. Peep-Toe / Open-Heel Booties


Between seasonal transitions you’re usually stuck with major shoe dilemma – seriously do I keep wearing sandals or pull out my boots?! Well that’s when these “in-between” shoes also known as peep-toe booties make it all better. Still covered but airy to get you through the day comfortably!

5. Text-Tees


I agree, T-shirts are not necessarily anything new and can obviously be worn at any given time. But this season we saw an uproar of slogan tees and quirky texts written on them. This one’s more of a reminder to myself to still grab them from my wardrobe from time-to-time as I’m not the biggest tee lover (more on this on another post, perhaps).

Well these were my five picks to aid your transition to fall with upmost fashion feat – just kidding, it’s not THAT hard!


As my sartorial heart remains forever with fall, I’m not too sad about bidding farewell to another humid, warm and sweaty summer!


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