Autumn Foliage from Mt. Takao

Autumn Foliage from Mt. Takao

As someone who’s not really an outdoor activities person and definitely not into hiking, Mt. Takao is the perfect dose of nature one needs from the buzzing city life. Having decided to go on this adventure purely on the basis to experience the amazing autumnal colors and crunch of fallen leaves, this day trip was thoroughly satisfying.

With very minimal experience in hiking, it was quite the nervous start. Luckily, Mt. Takao offers a number of various trails hence allowing you to choose according to your preference a.k.a. fitness capabilities, let’s be real.

Just under an hour train ride away from Shinjuku station, is when you align at Takaosanguchi station. As you head upwards to get to the foot of Mount Takao is where the scenic beauty of autumnal foliage awaits.

Sharing with you a visual diary of this popular destination amongst Tokyoites and what to expect during your “hike” to Mt. Takao. Prepare yourself for an over-pour of autumnal hues as you scroll down…starting now!

– Right outside Takaosanguchi Station –

– Chair-lift up the mountain –

– Lunch views from the summit of Mt. Takao –

– A well-paved, concrete road (Trail 1) –

– Yakuō-in Shrine –

– Looking over Tokyo –

– When you make it to the top –

– View from the Mt. Takao summit –

Hiking may not be the first thing that comes into mind when autumn season comes around. However, you will experience the perfect balance of cold weather with beautiful sunny skies. The 599m hike to Mt. Takao is the perfect day activity to do during short autumn/winter days that are ahead of us – not to mention you’re doing this while still being in Tokyo!

As summer’s green gives way to autumn hues, Mt. Takao is worth the visit to embrace the changing of seasons up-close.


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