Sakura in Tokyo 2018

Sakura in Tokyo 2018

This time last year, I was ecstatic to be in Tokyo after 4 years of missing the sakura season. And this year, while I thought my trip was timed well enough and I would be back in Tokyo to do hanami and explore new places around town for the best Sakura viewing, I couldn’t. 

None of this happened. 

The cherry blossoms bloomed nearly 10 days earlier than the yearly expected date – basically the exact 10 days I was away it was a pink wonderland in the city.

Utter disappointment, I know.

However, I didn’t  dwell on this too much because I did get to explore a new region on the world map and tick of a new place on my wander-list! More on that to come on the blog in the coming weeks – meanwhile you can check out my Instagram where I’ve flooded the feed with images from my recent trip already. ✌🏼 

Shameless promo, I know. 

So upon returning back to Tokyo I made my way to Ueno Park to see the last few fully blossomed lingering Sakura trees, contrary to the picture down below. While most of cherry blossoms had been washed away, the fallen petals made a beautiful carpet around the park nonetheless.

What Ueno Park is usually like during the Sakura season!

Here’s a little #BlastFromThePast of Sakura season spent in Tokyo – pretty sure Sister Parikh is going to kill me for sharing this, but yolo.

Trust me, Tokyo during this time of the year, is something you don’t want to miss!

So with cherry blossom season in Tokyo on the fade, definitely make the most of what’s left until next year!

Read my Sakura in Tokyo 2017 post here – promise it was a cheery full sight.


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